Sand Dunes of the Southwest

Sand Dune Links

General Information - Click on the Aeolian Dunes and Sandstone: Overview link for a great introduction including animations. Jim Elder's other pages also contain some interesting stuff, including models of dunefield morphology, sand micrographs, and active dune observations. - Eolian Processes and Landforms (Encyclopedia of Earth). - Eolian Processes & Landforms ( - Deserts and Desert Processes. - Geology of Sand Dunes, by John Mangimeli. Or click here for a printable copy. - - Deserts: Geology and Resources, by A.S. Walker (online edition; includes eolian processes and types of dunes). - An introduction to sand dunes from Wayne’s World, an online textbook of natural history by Wayne P. Armstrong, a professor at Palomar College. He also has an article here: - Sand Dune Animation showing the formation of cross beds. - Desert Processes Overview and Study Guide, by Richard Harwood. - Dunes and Other Desert Features. - Deserts and Winds (chapter from a free online National Curriculum science course, "The Earth And Beyond," adapted to HTML from the lecture notes of Prof. Stephen A. Nelson, Tulane University) - Two Weeks in the Life of an Active Sand Dune (Observations of an Active Dune in Utah, including video clips, by Jim Elder) - Deserts and Desert Materials. Although developed for military uses, this guide can serve all who want to learn about desert patterns and features. (U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center, Desert Processes Working Group)

Scholarly Research Papers - Mathematical Modeling of Desert Dune Fields, by Steven R. Bishop, Hiroshi Momiji, Ricardo Carretero-Gonzalez, and Andrew Warren. - Dune Morphology and Sand Transport (a paper on the computer simulation of sand dunes), by Y. Hatano and N. Hatano. - Eolian Sand Transport Pathways in the Southwestern United States: Importance of the Colorado River and Local Sources, a USGS staff publication. - Long-time evolution of models of aeolian sand dune fields: Influence of dune formation and collision, by Serina Diniega, Karl Glasner, and Shane Byrne from the University of Arizona. - Climatic Factors Affecting Mobility and Stability of Sand Dunes, by H. Tsoar, Department of Geography and Environmental Development, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.

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